Take a look into my eye shadows palettes

Hello again

So today I decided to take you to a quick tour in my makeup bag present the eye shadow palettes that I have.

I didn’t make any swatches this time, but I will post some time soon products for a whole look (eye shadow, lipstick, blusher) then I will swatch them.


This is a picture of the whole family :P.


-Say hi to Naked palette. This is Naked 1, the colors are really pigmented and this is a prefect palette for mornings and night looks. It has matte and shimmery colors, which makes it prefect!!

This is a must have palette. Cost: around 54 USD, around 200 AED


-YSL Ombers 5 Lumieres #8

This one have 5 shades, the black shades I tried it to fill my eyebrows. Just filling some spots, which did the job. The other color I didn’t use them much. Cost: around 58 USD, around 230 AED.


-YSL Ombers 5 Lumieres #6

I know I barely used this one, but the green shades are really tempting. Cost: around 58 USD, around 230 AED.


-YSL Ombers Duolumieres #15. (pink and purple

I didn’t use these two much, but they are cute colors. I don’t know if it is available now because I checked their website and they have a new collection. Cost: around 41 USD, around 180 AED.


-YSL Ombers Duolumieres #15.

This one I used more than other YSL shadows. Everyone mostly uses white and brown shades. Cost: around 41 USD, around 180 AED.


-Dior 5 Couleurs #440 Sunset Café

This one is a must have too. It has pretty brown and golden colors. They are pigmented. Cost: around 62 USD, around 250 AED.


-Inglot eye shadow palette.

This is one of the palettes that you pay for them and choose which colors to be in it. Also you pay separately for the colors. The palette is called Freedom system and it has five spots for eye shadows. I can tell you this: there are as good as any shadows I mentioned above.

Cost:Freedom Palette: around 11 USD, around 60 AED. Eye shadow (one piece): around 7 USD, around 30 AED.

Have a good day ladies.


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