Perfume Talk

Hello again.

This post will be all about perfumes. I love perfumes and I don’t understand how some people don’t wear perfumes and No, I don’t wear perfume to bed.

The process of buying a perfume is really important because perfumes represent you and what you like. At the beginning I decided to talk about the awesome and beautiful Chanel’s hair mist but then I said why not about perfumes too.


First of all, Chanel’s Coco mademoiselle hair mist, It the smallest babe in the picture.

In Chanel’s official web site they said “true fragrance on the hair” and ladies I assure you that it is true fragrance. And the best thing about it, beside it smell, it doesn’t dry your hair. It is available only in one size, if only the make a bigger size. Cost: Around 52 USD, Around 190 AED.

Chanel’s Coco mademoiselle perfume is the bigger version of the hair mist is Fresh Fresh Fresh that’s all what I can say about it. It is not my fav but it is nice to wear it in mornings. Cost: Around 77 USD, Around 282 AED.

Next is Armani’s Aqua di Gioia the blue bottle, this one is cold fresh and it has a nature smell, don’t ask me how :P. Cost: Around 60 USD, Around 220 AED.

CH’s 212 vip Rose to it’s a good perfume, smells good.Then Paris Hilton’s Heiress is good for day to day use, smells sweet. Cost: Around 69 USD, Around 253 AED.


And last for my favorite perfume Chanel Chance, a best selling according to Chanel’s website. There is three edition of this perfume. I only tried the pink one, which smells so good, light and fruity. Cost: Around 77 USD, Around 282 AED.

All these perfumes you can find them in Bloomingdales, Gallery Lafayette and Paris Gallery.