The worst products I ever used

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Through my journey in makeup and till now I love trying new products and experimenting new stuff. I have been across to some really awesome products and some really crappy products. The products that I will talk about today are not the only useful products I have used, I have used more than this but these are from the last couple of months.


-Maybelline Volum’ Express® The Colossal mascara.

As it said on the website only with one coat it gives you 9x volume. Let me tell you that it doesn’t, it is a normal mascara. I even tried the one that gives use more black color, both of them are just another normal mascaras that with their prices you can have really great drugstore mascaras. My lashed are tall and have volume so with two layers of these mascaras I will be good, but I have tried them on my sister they are really normal so it’s not fair to say they are good! But that doesn’t mean that I just threw them. I have used them as my daily mascaras, when I go to university or shopping.


-Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket

Here is another over rated mascara from Maybelline. This one is really a bad rocket. Not only it’s waterproof which I hate, it is very terrible, maybe because of its small heads. Even he mascara’s texture is really bad, it was kindna liquidy!! This one after trying it a couple of times, I just stopped using it.

One thing I have to mention, that Maybelline has a great mascara that I have tried and love. I will be talking about it later.


-Rimmel London Match Perfection concealer.

This is NOT a concealer at least I can say it doesn’t work as a concealer. This shade called “Classic Begie” #030. So , what I have done is that I used it as a highlighter which worked fine.


-Mayabelline Fit me concealer.

This one could be some of your’s best drug store conealer but to me, it is not! The coverage is fine but the problem is that after a while it make creases and line under you’re my eye L so I defenanitly look better without this conealer. The shade’s # is 10.


-Boobi Brown creamy concealer kit.

The same issue I had with Maybelline concealer, LINES LINSE LINSE.


-Benefit hello flawless powder in shade honey.

This powder came out after the hello flawless foundation, which a lot of people made good reviews about. I didn’t try the liquid foundation but I have tried the powder. I feel it is a very very normal powder nothing special about it. It doesn’t have any coverage!!


-Lancom Lip Gloss #13.

Now this lip gloss is a total fail! I might loved the color more if it was matte. This lip gloss doesn’t stay for long and I just don’t like it!! The only good thing about it, is the good sweet smell.

-Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation.

So this supposed to be a professional finish foundation, but it is not!! The finish is not a professional finish at all, it gives you a normal coverge. Besides that, this shade “#20 Clair-Cameo” is not the prefect shade for me. They need anther shade to be between this shade, one shade lighter and one shades draker like in between this.


-NYX Matte Bronzer Poudre Bronzante Mate.

This is the “Deep Tan” MBB05 shade. This also supposed to be a deep tan but it’s not. When a products is deep tan it would work as countour and the NYX worker told me that it would work as a countour!


-Chanel LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES gloomier in #114.

This is one of the cases when you get deceived about the color of the product and then you realizer it acutally bearly have any color. So, No it not what it looks like!


-Bourjois rouge edition 12 hours.

The pink shade is #32 and the other one is #30. I love the shade of #30 but one thing about them that you have to apply lip balm whenever you want to reapply them, other wise your lip will look dehydrated!


Note: I didn’t mentioned from where I got them or how much because I don’t advice you to get these products!


Enjoy your day ladies 🙂 




Chanel’s Joues Contraste Powder blushers

Hi all !

I have noticed that last week I mainly talked about liner pencils, so today I decided to talk about blushers.


These are Joues Contraste Chanel powder blushes my all time favorites. I have tried all these four shades and all of them are great and pigmented. The cool thing about it that you can build on it, whether from a morning fresh look or evening parting look.

They come with a small blusher brush, which I don’t use I use this Dior brush which I have no clue how much it is or what’s called but you know it’s a blush blusher.

-How I apply

Starting on my cheek near to my ears and on my cheekbones.

Cost: Around 45 USD, Around 180 AED 


This one is my fav shade # 60 Rose Temptation


# 65 Espiegle 


# 82 Reflex 


# 64 Pink Explosion 

You can find Chanel blushers and the Dior brush in Bloomingdales and Sepohra in the Dubai Mall.

NYX Jumbo eye pencil

Hello again.

I feel like I’m hyper this week so here is another post. I choose these jumbo eye pencils, which I have since I don’t know when, because I was surprised that some of my friends don’t know about them!


IMG_0014 copy

-Names and numbers of the shades:

1.Pots and Pans 603

2.Horse Raddish 607

3.Cottage Chesse 608

4.Strawberry Milk 605

4.Pacific 616

5.Electric Blue 622


NYX made about 32 shades of this product.

According to NYX’s website these jumbo eye pencils “adiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues. Our most voluptuous pencil yet! ”

Well it true! They are creamy and smooth, easy to apply. They can be used as eye liners and eye shadows.

-How I use them?

I use them as eye shadow primers and they work so well for me. What I do that I fill my led with them, sometime with the same shade of eye shadow I am using and most of the time I use the “cottage Chesse” shade.

-Do you need all of these shades?

No!! You don’t need to have all of them. Well, I had of that exciting moment where I bought these shades and to be honest “Cottage Chesse” and “Pots and Pan” are the ones that I use most. I do encourage you to have one or two unless you want to :P.



Around 5 USD, Around 20 AED.

Lip liners are important!

Hello beauties

As I promised in Instagram that I will be posting about lip liners, because lip liners are so important.

So if you want your lips look fuller, your lipstick lasts more and if you want a perfect shape for your lips then lip liner is the answer.

-How I apply lip liners?

I fill my lips with the lip liner. I know some people just draw the borders of their lips with the lip liner, probably they don’t want a messy lip that’s why but still it doesn’t make sense to me. Well, I fill my lips because I believe that this step with show the color of the lip stick if you are using a light lip liner. Also, you can play with different shades of lip liners and lip sticks to come up with a new color or make a darker shade, which I do :P.

 IMG_0016 copy

Now I love all the shade I have and all of them are really affordable. I even have two of some of them. Here we go the number and the name of these beautiful shades.

  1. Max Factor 04 Pink Princess
  2. NYX 845 Hot Pink
  3. Prestige 36 Diva
  4. NYX 839 Dolly Pink
  5. Prestige 40 Fleur
  6. Max Factor 14 Brown N Nude
  7. Max Factor 10 Red Blush
  8. NYX 854 Plae Pink

 The thing with lip liners that you don’t have to have matchy shades with your lip sticks. Shades like Plae Pink from NYX would go with most of lips stick shades. Also, one red lip liners is enough for all the red lip stick shades you have.

NYX lip liners are good quality butter Max Factor’s and Prestige’s are more crème and better.


NYX: 3.50 USD, Around 20 AED.

Max Factor: Around 5 USD, Around 20 AED

Prestige: Around 3.95 USD, Around 20 AED.

Beauty sites!

Shaym makeupbag (2)


So I have put together some beauty sites for you guys to check. All what you have to do is to click on the hands image and it will open in a new tab. 

Photo: From dreams time website and used tagul website to create the tags thing. 

I’m kind of busy these days to post real reviews. I have two quizzes and 2 projects to work on! I will try to post something as soon as possible.

Have a nice day everyone.