Lip liners are important!

Hello beauties

As I promised in Instagram that I will be posting about lip liners, because lip liners are so important.

So if you want your lips look fuller, your lipstick lasts more and if you want a perfect shape for your lips then lip liner is the answer.

-How I apply lip liners?

I fill my lips with the lip liner. I know some people just draw the borders of their lips with the lip liner, probably they don’t want a messy lip that’s why but still it doesn’t make sense to me. Well, I fill my lips because I believe that this step with show the color of the lip stick if you are using a light lip liner. Also, you can play with different shades of lip liners and lip sticks to come up with a new color or make a darker shade, which I do :P.

 IMG_0016 copy

Now I love all the shade I have and all of them are really affordable. I even have two of some of them. Here we go the number and the name of these beautiful shades.

  1. Max Factor 04 Pink Princess
  2. NYX 845 Hot Pink
  3. Prestige 36 Diva
  4. NYX 839 Dolly Pink
  5. Prestige 40 Fleur
  6. Max Factor 14 Brown N Nude
  7. Max Factor 10 Red Blush
  8. NYX 854 Plae Pink

 The thing with lip liners that you don’t have to have matchy shades with your lip sticks. Shades like Plae Pink from NYX would go with most of lips stick shades. Also, one red lip liners is enough for all the red lip stick shades you have.

NYX lip liners are good quality butter Max Factor’s and Prestige’s are more crème and better.


NYX: 3.50 USD, Around 20 AED.

Max Factor: Around 5 USD, Around 20 AED

Prestige: Around 3.95 USD, Around 20 AED.